Fix the problem of corrupted mdf file !

SQL server saved its database file with the .mdf file name extension. This MDF (Master database file) is like a repository of all your precious data and thus there may be chances of getting corruption in .mdf file . If your database table in not accessible and you are unable to open and use required file, if store procedure, rules and triggers are not working, if database constraint are not working and you are getting the error messages like:

There may be great chances of getting corruption in mdf file. Mdf file is like a repository of all your invaluable stored data in SQL database.  Application failure, unexpected system shutdown, virus hit and media read error like problems cause the problem of corruption in mdf file. When your mdf file get corrupted then you will not be able to access SQL file, you find store procedure, rules and triggers are not working and you get the error messages like-

  • .mdf file is missing and needs to restore.
  • MDF is not a primary database file.
  • Server can’t find the requested database table.
  • File not found
  • cannot access the file.

In this crucial situation of data loss, you need to fix corrupted mdf file and this could be done with the use of the most precise solution for MDF repair. Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software is the perfect solution for recover and Repair MS SQL Database . It scans repairs and restores damaged MDF file and save you from data loss. It has been made mdf repair very simple through the graphically rich and interactive user interface which guide you to continue with this recovery process.


Software maintains the integrity of data due to its read-only and non-destructive nature. It keeps the structure of file unharmed and does not change even a single bit of data. After recovery and repairing mdf file it display the repaired file in the tree like structure and after restoration, this software creates a script file which gives complete details regarding the recovery process. This is an outstaying MDF repair software which fix corrupted mdf file easily and efficiently.

After using this tool you find your mdf file free from all trouble and you can assess database and its all component including tables, reports, forms, triggers, macros, stored procedures, defaults, user defined data types and so forth. It is efficient to repair mdf file which has been corrupted due to any reasons.  It has the set of quality features which let to do recovery and repair job in a very few simple clicks.  This is really a great SQL recovery tool.

Features of repair tool-

  • Quick, complete and hassle free recover, repair and restoration of corrupted mdf file.
  • Support SQL Server 2000 and 2005.
  • Perform MDF repair for large databases too.
  • Also recovers indexes and database constraints.
  • It can recover from backup files. 
  • Get extensive Technical Support.

 Download Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery software and Fix corrupted mdf file problem. Simply repair corrupted mdf file from MS SQL Server. The sets of features make this a perfect SQL database recovery tool.

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