Corrupt MySql InnoDB Table Repair

MySql stores data in InnoDB database storage engine. It is from there data is retrieved for storage and thereon stored back. Corruption or damage in MySql InnoDB table results into inaccessibility of data stored there also retrieval from there is not possible. Causes for which may vary from system shutdown to virus attack and so forth however the result is same and meant to cause data loss. One of the common way by which the problem may be identified is display of error messages at the time of database access instead of requisite table and its record. Overcoming this issue is a matter of moments provided you have an updated backup of the same and rest of the situation do require MySql repair innodb. It repairs corrupt MySql InnoDB table and extracts data in readable form.

Instances are varying and so is the error you receive at that particular time, like in a particular instance when MySql table say ‘employee is accessed; it fails to open and shows “#1051-Unknown table ‘employee’” error message.

Followed by the affect of this error ‘employee’ table stored data is rendered inaccessible and this message continues to display every time table is tried to be opened. Most obvious reason for this is employee table corruption.

To fix InnoDB table corruption, following has to be done-

  • Adding “innodb_force_recovery=4” to /etc/my.cnf configuration file
  • Restarting sql and dumping the employee table in it
  • Turning off the database and erasing the data directory
  • Creating default tables using mysql_install_db
  • Removing “innodb_force_recovery =4” from /etc/my.cnf configuration file
  • Restoring data from backup

Besides, all these the above mentioned steps may not help to fix corrupt innodb database, if no backup is available and you need to opt for sql database repair methods with the help of mdf repair software. With application of high end algorithm and extensive scan so on done every bit of mdf file is restored efficiently as well as easily.

It helps in MySql repair innodb no matter what the problem is, including that of database page corruption on disk or a failed, file read of page 50 and many more and provide process access to database files once again, after resolving the issues found.