Fix MS SQL Server Error 1203

MS SQL server database uses page as the most vital storage component specifying storage space allocated to database created. For the purpose of management pages are grouped in 8 and are referred to as extent. But, there may arise a situation in which server could not read page property. Virus, power and system failure, hardware and other internal problems apparently lead to unreadable database pages. In order to resolve the issue it is really important to find the cause behind it. However, in any such situation you may require sql database repair tool, if other methods of fixing sql server database error fails.

In a particular situation while working on, say SQL server 2008, a message shows up

Process ID %d attempted to unlock a resource it does not own: % *Is. Retry the transaction, because this error may be caused by a timing condition”. Following this, it is not possible to carry out further database processing.

Structural problems persisting in the database causes such problems since it in turn corrupts entire database. The corrupted database then process incorrectly including that of unlocking a page in spite of being unlocked.

Following the below methods sql server 1203 error is fixed

  • Restoring data from backup – this will replace damaged data records and database structure with its updated valid backup

  • Running DBCC CHECKDB – using this without clauses let you know about the damage extent, after with the same command along with appropriate switch based on damage level can be implemented. Once this is done connection to the database can easily be established.

Continued problem of sql error 1203 essentially require use of MDF repair, with which extensive systematic scanning of database is first carried out in read only manner for proper restoration of data as earlier. All sorts, including the extreme cases of corruption are rectified by for mdf files of MS SQL 200, 2005, 2000, 7.0. All collations, mdf files, procedures, default, triggers, procedures are all restored. Additionally relationship with other tables remains unchanged. Also the tool is compatible on Windows server 2003, windows 7, Vista and XP.