What Causes Error “The Repair Level on the DBCC Statement” and How to ix it?

DBCC CHECKDB command is used for checking logical and physical integrity of SQL server database. The very command is used in combination with different repair clauses to fix & repair damaged database of SQL server. repair_rebuild, repair_allow_data loss and repair_fast are the parameters used with it. With the help of DBCC it is possible to resolve database issues and restore data; still several such instances have been reported by the user in which the very attempt of repairing corruption fails. Those are the situations in which the mdf database files are facing severe corruption, which is probably beyond repairing ability of the command DBCC . To tackle such problems it is of utmost importance to restore data with valid backup of database, in case it cannot be done, is not available or complete, is corrupt etc advanced tool to repair mdf damaged database is to be used.

Due to widespread factors leading to inconsistency in database, it is quite hard to avoid all those events and factors at all times. Even minor sort of destruction in mdf and associated components, may make the files inaccessible.

Taking into consideration a particular example, in which MS SQL database has got corrupted due to damage in metadata structure. And when DBCC CHECKDB with repair_fast clause is executed to fix the error, instead of resolving the issue it leaves behind the user with another erroneous situation as-

“ DBCC results for ‘sysindexes'.

The repair level on the DBCC statement caused this repair to be bypassed.

The system cannot self repair this error.

CHECKDB found 0 allocation error and 6 consistency checks ………”

Following this, database continues to be in inaccessible condition as repair attempt was not capable enough to resolve the corruption. The cause being severe corruption of MS SQL database and a probably a rebuild of indexes or dealloctaion of damaged pages would be necessarily needed to fix error ‘the repair level on the DBCC statement'.

To solve database inaccessibility and allow its ensured fix, DBCC CHECKDB may be used with clause repair_allow_data loss. However, before you do it is necessary to know that though the problem may be resolved with its use, one is going to loose important customized data in the process. So, for the sake of critical data saved in SQL database it is better not to try it.

In that case, the last resort remains ms sql database recovery software that very efficient repair the damages and restore table view, indexes, keys, procedures, function, views, triggers and all other database components.