Resolution for Table Error Messages Received During MS SQL Server Database Table Access

Coming across unknown and fatal error messages while accessing tables of MS SQL server database is not new and once while or even more this situation is received by every user. Integrity issue that exists within the database table may lead to such erroneous situation. Besides, that any sort of database corruption issue may arise integrity differences that finally lead to table error messages. Number of factors likes that of- virus attack, improper system shutdown, mishandled database, access by multiple users & other mistakes of users account for database inaccessibility issue.

Sql database table error with it brings several other problems as owing to its effect database becomes inaccessible in turn making it difficult to retrieve table records as meanwhile warning and error messages keep displaying. Continued problem may lead to critical data loss situation and the effects are even more if the environment it is used in is real-time. It is then required to restore sql database using updated backup available. In case of non availability of backup to restore backup, SQL database repair and recovery technique needs to be utilized.

Taking example of one such situation in which a new table is created in the database and right after that when it is tried to open , it stops by a message as-

“Table error:Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, page P_ID.Test (TEST) failed. Slot S_ID, offset oxADDRESS overlaps with the prior row.”

And following this the table is found to be inaccessible and it continues to be like that. As stated in the message displayed the issue takes place due to difference in value of S_ID slot, which is not greater than or equal to its previous slot. The reason for it to happen like that is that the ‘test’ table contains sorted value of offset which is not greater than or equal to than what is required.

How to fix table error and perform sql table recovery?

For resolving sql server error and suitably access database components, the SQL server log should be first of all checked and accordingly replaced in case of finding any issues with it.

If not it is recommended running DBCC CHECKDB along with repair clause for the issue to be sorted out

If these fail to work, or you need to go with safe repair recovery method, sql database recovery software is useful. It repairs mdf file by scanning it exhaustively with the help of sophisticated algorithms. This robust application is capable of repairing all components of damaged database with its thorough and safe recovery mechanism. It offers SQL database restore for MS SQL server 2008, 2005 and 2000.