How to fix sql database corruption post multiple IAM pages error 8947

MS SQL server being a computer based application is used for creating database system and is widely used by organizations for creating and maintaining database. If any point of time there takes place any sort of corruption issues in these, it is not possible to access data from therein and thus bring about with it lots of problem to be suffered therein and that is why it is necessary to fix sql database.

In such a case, it is quite likely for one to encounter fatal error messages, like –

  • The file *.mdf is missing and needs restore
  • Server can’t find requested database table
  • Database in suspected mode, internal error
  • Process could not be executed, conflict occurred in database and others
  • Multiple IAM pages error 8947

It is since there could be several reasons for database to get corrupt, a complicated one being that of multiple IAM pages error. In such a case, as an impact of error, complexity with single object is usually indicated and which signifies for table corruption. In one such situation, SQL server may show a message as –

Server: Msg 8947, Level 16, State 1 Table error: Multiple IAM pages for object ID O_ID index ID I_ID contain allocations for the same interval. IAM pages P_IDI and P_ID2.

The issue is likely the cause of hardware failure, which takes place on account of the fact that the index IAM chain does not find 2 IAM, pages (P_IDI & P_ID) which requires specific GAM page to map. If you are facing any such issue, there is utmost need to fix sql database with Sql database repair software.

How to fix sql database damaged mdf file?

For fixing issues relating to inaccessibility of sql database records, following are the ways-

  • Replacement of hardware, if damaged – that has to be checked first of all with the help of hardware diagnostics. For this the application as well as windows and SQL error log has to be checked and appropriate measure needs to be implemented, if any inconsistency is found.

  • Sql database restore from backup – lost and inaccessible table and records are easily restorable using backup of the same.
  • Or you can use ms sql database repair tool to fix corrupted mdf and recover any data and files lost.

To do so very few steps have to be followed, they are as follows-

  • Software installation and execution, after which the mdf file to be repaired is to be searched first of all
  • Followed by this the scan button has to be clicked to initiate the process
  • It takes considerable time based on the size of database and other system settings
  • Scan result is then shown along with file preview
  • Clicking on repair button help fix it out and then saving it on to any desired location
  • Repaired files can then be exported for use with sql sever database

This happens to be the easiest as well as efficient way to fix sql database, meanwhile resolving any issues encountered. Most important fact being that there takes place no changes or modification in records owing to read only program attribute