MySql Repair FRM Files – corrupt or deleted .frm causing MySql Table corruption

SQL server database stores, data dictionary information in .frm file, which in turn is stored in database directories. InnoDB Storage engine stores information in individual data dictionary in table space files. Sometimes, when .frm file is moved or the server crashes while ongoing data dictionary procedure, .frm file location may be changed itself to other than that of InnoDB inner data dictionary. This leads to inconsistency of database and it therefore does not remain accessible. To tackle such a problem MySql repair frm file has to be done.

Such an orphaned table can be dropped as per the instructions, given in the message generated. There may be cases, in which attempt to run “drop table” cannot be complete, which indicates issue with name completion in MySql client. To fix .frm file issue and repair sql .frm, MySql client has to be started with –skip-auto-rehash option and then using drop table command.

There may be different issues relating to out-of-sync with data dictionary and it becomes known with different error messages MySql throws in such situation, particularly at the time the database table is opened –

ERROR 1016: Can’t open file: ‘child2.InnoDB’ and the error log displays the corresponding details as – Innodb can’t find test/child2 from the internal data dictionary etc.

Such unusual performance is an indication for problem existing there in the database table and the thus the restore work from backup being carried for MySql repair frm.

In instance other than that, mdf repair software is helpful in restoring the files, after MySql repair .frm has successfully being done. It repairs the tables as in original state, without any alteration in structure and data it originally had. All objects of database are efficiently restored. Also it is capable of working with InnoDB as well as MyISAM, MySql storage engines and supports MySQL 5.x and 4.x.