Repair Suspect SQL Server Database

SQL server management studio, an integrated environment is used for proper management, development, configuration and access of components of SQL server and database. These make SSMS an integral component of system, owing to which corruption in this very structure makes the database components inaccessible or marked as suspect with generation of critical error messages.

In a practical situation, when user attempts to establish connection with SQL database and SSMS is opened, an error message comes up as –

“Database ‘mdb’ cannot be opened. It has been marked suspect”.

The cause being damages and need to fix suspect SQL server, this may be the result of

*   Mismatch of error log file with database file
*  Corruption of SQL database and files

Resolving this issue is indeed complicated as first of all you need to repair suspect database sql server. From event log, following information can be obtained - Number of log scan given for database ‘msdb’ log scan is invalid. It may be due to log i.e. .ldf file damaged and thus does not found matching with mdf.

Appearance of suspect error messages and sql server suspect database repair arises side by side, since soon after finding such an error accessing database is not made possible. To get over the problem of suspect status, sp_resetstatus is used. Once the mark is removed database access is once again doable, however in cases like this one, the tool fails to fix the issue. Although you can connect to SQL server instances and access other database. To recover sql database, mdf repair tool is used for thorough analysis and data recovery. This very application supports MS SQL server 2005 and 2000 supporting restore of entire database components tables, views, triggers, procedures, queries etc.