Resolve Database Error and Repair SQL Database Corruption

PFS (Page Free space) pages of SQL server database are responsible for maintenance of free space as well as other important functions. The SQL database files are in turn divided into number of PFS intervals, each of which contains 8088 pages. Byte map is included in the PFS pages for storing one byte per page present in specific PFS interval.

If at point of time PFS page gets corrupt or is destroyed, the bytes stored therein are also damaged which ultimately causes problem is mounting database i.e. the database gets into an unmountable state and throws ‘database error’. This turns out to cause loss of significant information stored in the database. In such situation, backup is what proves to be useful in restoring files back. For cases other than that, in which no backup is available, advanced & systematic sql database repair tool may be opted for.

In spite of high reliability and database security concern, sql server database are not able to withstand all such issue that may damage the database and time and again leads to corruption of mdf files and the records saved.

As in a particular condition, while mounting mdf files of SQL database, an error may be generated as-

“Database error: Page P_ID1 is marked with wrong type in PFS page P_ID1. PFS status 0xVAL1 expected 0xVAL2”.

Such an issue causes complete database inaccessibility and is most probably the cause of improper settings of bits accounting for critical functionalities.

PFS_IS_IAM_PG (0 x 10)



This very case of PFS page corruption may take place due to logical or physical inconsistency. For resolving this and other related error, following methods need to be opted for, in which first is inculcating responsible factor.

As, if it is the case of damaged hardware components, it needs to be replaced. Other that this, i.e. logical corruption scenarios DBCC CHECKDB command has to be executed utilizing repair clause as per the complexity found.

In cases of persistence of issues like wise, ms sql mdf repair tool needs to be used so as to fix database error and recover inaccessible and missing data, objects and all other components from therein.

It supports recovery from MS Sql server 2000, 2005 and 2008 as well as of different items stored in it, keys, procedures, functions, views, triggers, default and user defined data types.