How to Restore Master MDF SQL Database upon Fixing Error “High Key Value on Page”?

B-tree refers to the technique used by SQL server database for saving as well as locating data from mdf file when required. B-tree comprise of tree-level page which in turn saves key value for every child page used. According to that, child page can be considered as leaf level page and therefore tree-level page stored records should have key values equal to or greater than that of the parent page.

Apart from that, if child page is tree level page then tree-level page saved records should have value equivalent to that if parent page. This is say must for continued accessibility and storage of data in master mdf database. But, due to B-tree corruption tree-level values acknowledge changes and this make the stored records inaccessible. For the invalidity to be corrected and proper working continued it is required to restore master database sql 2005 and others using updated data backup. In absence of that very component you can try repairing master mdf with advanced repair & restore application that efficiently resolve every bit of corruption the file may have and get that fixed thus allowing proper accessibility of database components on a whole.

Owing to this at the time of database mounting, unusual performance of the system may be observed, as such

table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID. The high key value on page P_ID1(level LEVEL) is not less than the low key value in the parent P_ID2. Slot S_ID of the next page P_ID3.
Followed by this the records are found to be inaccessible.

What causes “high key value on page” error?

Corruption of B-tree values metadata structure ultimately corrupts B-tree and thus occurrence of error messages as such. Either physical or logical damages may be responsible for such corruption and thereupon loss and data inaccessibility situations.

It is then of immense importance to fix mdf file irrespective of what led to it, following the appropriate method. Like in the case of hardware failure or failure of other necessary component, it has to be replaced with a new one.

Accordingly for logical corruption, command DBCC CHECKDB along with appropriate repairing clause is to be implemented. The case of physical failure is completely resolved by its replacement; however DBCC CHECKDB is not a assured resolution for mdf file error & issue, particularly the extreme ones relating to vital components like that of B-tree. So, if your issue remains unresolved it is required using Sql mdf repair tool that is constituted of sophisticated algorithms to scan and repair mdf & restore master database sql 2005 in equally safe and efficient means.