Get Rid of SQL Error 2579 Easily

Each SQL Server database page is 8 KB in size and each one of them is designated with a specific ID. Data is stored in the form of tables in these databases. However, due to several reasons one encounters several error messages like the SQL error 2579. One may encounter an error message like the following:

"Table error: Extent P_ID object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID is beyond the range of this database."

The error ID 2579 and severity level 16 is marked in this entry. The error appears when you run the DBCC CHECKDB command which is run when one cannot access the data stored in the databases.

The most common reason for the occurrence of the error is that the pageinfile of the extent is greater than the physical size of the file with the ID fileID that is specified in the database. The occurrence of the error message is an indication that the extent has been allocated in the IAM page for indicated index ID or object.

To fix the SQL error 2579 you can execute the DBCC CHECKDB command without the repair clause to find out the cause of the error. Now run the command one more time with the repair clause to repair the database and get rid of the SQL error 2579.

However, if the SQL database is severely corrupt then the DBCC CHECKDB command does not help in repairing the database or accessing the data stored in it. In such a situation one can make use of an efficient and reliable third party MDF repair utility that can repair the database and help in accessing the data stored in it. The tool helps in the SQL recovery by making use of high end and strong scanning algorithms for the efficient repair of the database and all its objects like tables, triggers, indexes, views and much more.