Get Rid of SQL Error 5233

SQL Server 2008 has a number of features that were not present in its earlier versions. One such feature is the Auditing feature that tracks the user activity and does not allow any unauthorized access by providing options to detect the unauthorized attempts to access. Thus, it allows you to track the user as well as system activity for enterprise customers. However, sometimes the auditing process fails to function properly which also leads to the corruption of the database. In such a situation you may encounter the SQL error 5233.

When you audit a database table in SQL Server 2008 you may encounter the following error message:

“Table error: alloc unit ID A_ID, page P_ID. The test (TEST) failed. The values are VAL1 and VAL2.”

The most common reason for the occurrence of the SQL error 5233 is that there is header corruption in P_ID page. Due to this reason the database table gets corrupt. To resolve the error you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Fix hardware issues. Check all the hardware components and the event logs to find out whether the SQL error 5233 was the result of any hardware issues or not.
  • One can also consider formatting the hard disk and then reinstall the Operating System to make sure that no errors remain. But this would also lead to data loss situations because the entire data would get deleted. Therefore, before going for a format backup the entire data.

However, you can also make use of an efficient and reliable third party MDF repair tool that can repair the SQL database and recover the entire data stored in it. These make use of strong scanning algorithms that ensure efficient SQL recovery. It can not only repair the SQL database but also all database objects like tables, views, triggers, stored procedures, queries and much more.