How to Resolve SQL Error 8998 Easily?

The pages in the SQL Server database are associated with each other which can be addressed from each other. This paging feature is used for logically splitting large volumes of data into manageable pages. But sometimes there are situations when these database pages do not work properly because of corruption or other reasons leading to the SQL error 8998 and an error message like the following:

"Page errors on the GAM, SGAM, or PFS pages do not allow CHECKALLOC to verify database ID DB_ID pages from P_ID1 to P_ID2. See other errors for cause."

One of the major reasons for the occurrence of the error is that the GAM, SGAM or the PFS pages has got corrupt, either all or any one. To resolve the SQL error 8998 one needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Check for any hardware issues in the system: If there are any malfunctioning hardware devices in the system then you need to replace them immediately. To pin point the faulty device then you can swap the components and get rid of it.
  • If there is a clean and updated backup available then you can recover the inaccessible data in the database from there.
  • To repair the database you can run the DBCC CHECKDB command without the repair clause. Then execute the command again with the repair clause.

However, if the corruption is severe then you would not be able to repair the database with this command. But it is very necessary to get rid of the actual cause of the error and remove the SQL error 8998. In such a situation you can use an efficient and reliable third party MDF repair tool that can repair the database and make all the data stored in it accessible. These repair the database as well as all the database objects like the tables, stored procedures, defaults, triggers and much more.