Quick Tips to Get Rid of SQL Error 2511

SQL is Relational Database Management System that is extensively used for managing large records and provides enterprise solutions in innumerable organizational setups. But sometimes due to certain reasons one faces issues with the performance of the application leading to serious problems for the user. One may encounter different error messages like the SQL error 2511 and an error message like the following:

Server: Msg 2511, Level 16, State 2 Table Corrupt: Object ID %d, Index ID %d. Keys out of order on page %S_PGID, slots %d and %d. Table error: Object ID %d, Index ID %d. Keys out of order on page %S_PGID, slots %d and %d.

SQL Server stores the database in a B-Tree presentation. If you store the table using a clustered index to sort it, then the location comprises of different components like page number, file number and the slot number for a row. But sometimes the keys get out of order for a particular page in any table which is an indication of table corruption.

The SQL error 2511 is the result of the incorrect order of two specified slots and are not in accordance with the comparison of their keys. In the error message the P_ID indicates the index page and the data page. However, the SQL error 2511 can be easily fixed by following the steps given below:

Check all the hardware components and see if there are any problems in any hardware component. Run the hardware diagnostics to get rid of the error. Also check the SQL Server error log to find out the exact reason of the error.

Run the DBCC CHECKDB command without the repair clause and find out the repair clause that needs to be applied. Now run the command with the repair clause.

If all the aforementioned steps fail to resolve the error then you need to use an efficient and reliable third party SQL recovery tool that can ensure MDF repair and recover and restore the entire data stored in the database.

If the error is the result of corruption in the database then you need to format the hard disk and then reinstall the operating system. But this also leads to data loss situations. In such a situation you can restore the data from a valid and clean backup that is available. If it is not available then you cannot recover the data without the help of an efficient and reliable third party tool that can perform MDF repair and ensure complete SQL recovery. The SQL recovery tool makes use of strong scanning algorithms that ensures database repair and also ensures complete data recovery. It also repairs all the database objects including all tables, views and much more.