Get Rid of SQL Error 3403 Quickly

Did you encounter SQL error 3403 and an error message like the following while using SQL Server?

“Error 3403, Severity 22 During recovery initialization, page %ld was encountered. This page belongs to object %ld, not the log”

The most common reasons for the occurrence of the error 3403 are as follows:

  • There is a SQL Server problem that results in bad read or page allocation.

  • The allocation page is updated by the user and the SQL Server goes down before the writing of transaction log page. Therefore, during the time of automatic rebuilding of the SQL database the transaction log pages are not cleared and the older log entries are still there.

There are two elements in SQL Server. They are data files and transaction log files. The transaction log file records all uncommitted transactions of the database. But when there is a problem then the SQL Server service stops and shuts down unexpectedly. When the server is restarted then the changes that were made to the transactions are rolled back because the transactions were not committed. However, this is not always the case. There are times when the recovery does not take place successfully. This leads to loss of critical data and corruption of the database.

If you have a clean as well as an updated backup of the database then you can restore the inaccessible data from there and restore it. However, if the backup is not updated or is corrupt then you need to use some other third party tool.

In such a situation MDF repair becomes an essential task. You can go for an efficient and reliable tool for the purpose of SQL recovery and ensure complete recovery of all the data stored in the database. With the use of strong and efficient scanning algorithms, these ensure recovery of data without the loss of any.