Get Rid of SQL Error 8995

Is the MS SQL Server 2000 edition displaying a number of error messages? Are you getting SQL error 8995 and an error message like the following while using it?

"System table 'OBJNAME' (object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID) is in filegroup FG_ID1. All system tables must be in filegroup FG_ID2."

The SQL error 8995 is mainly caused because of corruption in the SQL Server database. The error is generally associated with system tables. Due to the corruption in the database the queries that the user executes take exceptionally long time in executing and in severe cases, the entire data stored in the database becomes inaccessible. This may lead to serious problems for the user.

The error is also caused because of the System Tables not being present in a single filegroup. As stated in the error message as well, all the system tables in the SQL Server 2000 must be contained in primary file group. The error can be easily fixed with the help of the steps mentioned below:

Check the error logs and also make sure that there are no hardware problems or defects. To find it out run the hardware diagnostics. If the error is not fixed and occurs too frequently then check if the write-caching is enabled on the hard disk or not. If it is enabled then you need to contact the manufacturer to fix the error.

If the error persists then you need to reinstall the operating system and reformat the hard drive. If you have an updated and clean backup of the data stored in the database then it can be restored from the backup. If not, then you need to use some third party tool.

In such a situation you need to go for MDF repair with the help of efficient tool. To ensure efficient SQL recovery use the software that makes use of strong scanning algorithms that make sure that the entire data that has become inaccessible becomes accessible and also fix any issues that may have been causing the error.