Fix SQL Filestream Corruption

SQL filestream corruption is a common issue. Filestream is a feature that was introduced in the SQL Server 2008 for storing and managing unstructured data. It allows storing the BLOB data like image files, word documents, videos, music and much more in NT file system and ensure transactional consistency between unstructured data that is stored in the NT file systems and structured data stored in the tables. The filestream integrates the sql server database engine with the NTFS file system and stores the varbinary (max) BLOB (that is binary large object) data as files on the file system.

There are several instances when you tried to restore the MS SQL database and the MDF files from the transaction log backup, the database gets damaged. In such a situation the restoration process comes to a halt making the entire data stored in the database inaccessible. In this scenario SQL filestream corruption occurs and one may encounter an error message like the following:

"Filestream corruption - missing files, error 7904.

The corruption is detected on a database that was restored from a sequence of backup logs. The original database does not seem to be corrupted.

7904 16 2 Table error: The filestream file for "FileID" was not found."

When the SQL filestream corruption occurs and the aforementioned error appears then the MDF file becomes inaccessible. When you tried to restore the database from the transaction log backups the corruption appears but the original database might not have been corrupt. Thus, if a efficient MDF repair software is used for repairing the database and accessing the data stored in it then the valuable data stored in it can be recovered back.

With the help of this software one can recover the important data stored in the database that has become inaccessible due to the SQL filestream corruption and extract all database objects like table, stored procedures, index, triggers, etc.