Resolution for SQL Database Error 5171

Corruption in SQL server database .mdf files may take place on account of various reasons varying with improperly working application, failure of hard drive and other internal components, server related issues – like its improper closure, infection of viruses etc. As organizations use this very application for storing vast amount of critical data records, its loss is likely to create unbearable losses. Corruption is a widespread problem which on occurrence makes the database inaccessible. In cases of non availability to backup Mdf repair tool is needed to restore the files in accessible condition.

There is no way out to close the doorway for problems to come our way, all that can be done and is essential of all is recovery of Mdf files. Taking example of a situation in which, while working on SQL server 2005 for report creation, power fails and the server restarts. But, this is an abrupt server restart with prompt asking for the reason & information. This operating system issue makes the database inaccessible.

Further on trying to attach the files manually, it is likely to receive error message as – “An exception occurred while executing a Transact –SQL statement or batch. _db.mdf is not a primary database file. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5171).”


C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\MYDATABASE.mdf is not a primary database file. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5171)

As per recommendation given by administrators, it may be tried to attach a single file. But on using sp_attach_single_db stored procedures, instead of being attaching properly error is thrown as “server: Msg 5172, level 16, state 15, line 1 the header for file path” “/.mdf is not a valid database file header. The PageAudit Property is incorrect.”

The cause being corruption in mdf file, in this case header part of mdf file gets corrupted or incorrect information is added in header part of file. Such sql database errors make data and records inaccessible. In order to recover those back as normal, data backup is of foremost importance however its non availability can take the user in troublesome situation and you need to repair and restore corrupted sql server mdf database data using efficient mdf repair software. These come included with number of advanced and skillful features that makes restore easily doable with minimum time and effort.

This is the way following which sql database error 5171 is resolved without loosing database records. SQL server 2005 and 2000 working on Windows system are supported for recovery by this very tool. Tables, reports, macros, form, foreign and unique key constraints, triggers, procedures, and views are all repaired and recovered with original data intact.