DBCC CHECKDB Reports SQL Server Database Consistency Check Errors

For the purpose of checking the consistency and integrity of Microsoft SQL server MDF file, an inbuilt utility known as DBCC CHECKDB is included in it. However, certain issues are quite complex and cannot resolved with CHECKDB. Moreover such inconsistencies arising in the SQL server database, poses problems in smooth functioning of instead it’s a state of complete inaccessibility and thus critical data loss situation. If DBCC finds error in sql server database consistency check, the database has to be restored from backup to allow usual working once again.

In one such situation when DBCC CHECKDB is executed on a SQL database, MS SQL error log shows message as- “2010-03-31 22:07:06:34 spid53 DBCC CHECKDB (mydb) executed by theuser found 12 errors and repaired 0 errors. …… This is an informational message only. No user action is required.

The above message informs about the all consistency errors persisting their in the database and those repaired. Besides that, information as such start from ‘internal database snapshot’ is shown only at the time of online execution of command DBCC CHECK DB for sql server database consistency check.

The consistency check process is stopped in between making the database inaccessible and to access data and database recovery needs to be done.

Cause :-

Logical and physical consistency of SQL server database are checked and rectified with DBCC CHECKDB. Issues related to server database pages, allocation pages, index relationships, system table referential integrity and other database structure checks. Inappropriate completion of any of these would affect database on a whole and database inconsistency checks are displayed as errors. There could be numerous reasons responsible for this database corruption, like those of hardware related issues, corruption of vital file system, its components and other metadata structure, memory’s damaged pages, MS SQL server engine issues and so forth.

In order to fix the issue of sql server database consistency check that dbcc checkdb fails to repair, data has to be restored from backup. or you can choose option of repairing, in case you don’t have the backup.

Still, if this attempt fails then, ms sql mdf repair is to be done using Sql recovery tool. It will repair the issues found and restore the damaged database back in proper state for access. It’s read only scanning nature ensures safety of data stored in database.