Complete Guide To Remove Osiris Ransomware From PC In Easy Simple Steps

Osiris Ransomware is the newest variant of Locky ransomware. As the name specifiy, it belong to the family of the nasty and dangerous ransomware and thus cause severe harm on to your PC. It adds a .osiris suffix to all of the encrypted files, text, document and folders that has been done by it. Further, it also modifies the filename to [8_random_characters]-[4_random_characters]-[4_random_characters]-[8_random_characters]-[12_random_characters].osiris. Moreover Osiris Ransomware uses RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption algorithm to encrypt all your files and data and make you unable to further gain access on to those encrypted files. Thus, in manner to gain access on to all the encrypted files and folders it ask you for the payment of a certain amount of ransom fine of about 2.5 Bitcoins which is to be paid within the given time. In any case if the asked ransom fine amount is not paid then it will destroy or lost all your data forever. Thus, in manner to overcome from this problem you should at the earlier remove Osiris Ransomware from the infected PC without having any delay.

Apart from all these, Osiris Ransomware creates three copies of different files like OSIRIS.html, OSIRIS_[4_digit_number].html and OSIRIS.bmp to the folders with the encrypted files. It further degrade the system performance and utilized huge amount of the system resources too. As it mess up the entire parts of the system and prevent you to further perform any tasks on to it. Deactivate the installed security program from the infected PC and add harmful programs to it without having your knowledge. On the other hand occupy large of the system memory and CPU space. It also capable to encrypt the extension file too like .doc, .docx, .png, jpeg, .xls and such more. However, the system get infected with it when you download freeware programs from Internet, opening of the junk/Spam email attached files etc. Therefore, for the safety of the PC you should instantly remove Osiris Ransomware from Computer.

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